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Black Belt Club USA - Martial Arts

Black Belt Club USA -  Martial Arts
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Kearney Mesa
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Black Belt Club USA - Martial Arts
7510 Mesa College Dr.
San Diego , CA 92111



San Diego Martial Arts School for
Girls - Boys - Women - Men

Black Belt Club USA is a martial arts school offering classes and private lessons for kids and adults including boys, girls, men, and women. Martial arts classes are for individuals, groups, friends and family members with martial arts lessons for children starting at age 3 up to adults.

The Black Belt Club USA offers martial arts classes or private martial arts lessons for anyone who wants to learn self defense through traditional taekwondo, hapkido, eskrima, kick boxing and weapons training. Martial arts teaches self control, self discipline, self defense, meditation and preservation of life.

Martial arts is also a great way to stay in shape! Physical fitness is boosted in terms of strength, stamina, flexibility and movement coordination through the use of martial arts. Individuals get to exercise while learning self defense martial arts in a positive learning environment.

Our San Diego Martial Arts School is located in Linda Vista just a few minutes driving distance from Serra Mesa, Clairemont and Kearny Mesa with easy access from 163.

Kids, do you want learn those cool moves you have seen in the movies The Karate Kid, The Forbidden Kingdom and Kung Fu Panda? Adults, do you want to learn self defense and workout at the same time? Are you searching for a Martial Arts class?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, call our office at 858.496.0051 to start your Trial Martial Arts Membership for just $29 and receive a FREE UNIFORM! No gimmicks, just pure martial arts.


Black Belt USA of San Diego


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Today, martial arts is a term that refers to the art of self defense. Historically, martial arts was described as all methods of conducting war or going to battle.



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 Black Belt Club USA offers a variety of classes, private lessons, and services for kids interested in martial arts.

LIttle Dragons (Age 3 to 4 years old):
Children have an amazing time kicking, punching and playing fun games as they learn to focus, balance and build coordination, socially interact with other children and develop character building tools. Parents are welcome to watch and may be asked to participate in games.

The basic course is designed for beginner martial artists. It prepares students for entry into the Black Belt Club. Students will be introduced to the value of martial arts training, improve physical fitness, and develop martial arts skills.

Black Belt Club (BBC):
Only students committed to achieving their black belt are invited to join this class. Students will learn all the curriculum required to test for their black belt including forms, self-defense, sparring, kickboxing and nunchucks. This class will teach the students to set and achieve long term goals, increase focus, and build self-esteem and confidence.

Black Belt Level:
This is an advanced course with classes in poomsae, self-defense, sparring, kickboxing, weaponry, board-breaking, etc. The skill level and character of a black belt student is of the highest caliber.

Demo (BBC or Black Belt Level):
The Tigers Demo Team performs martial arts exhibitions at special events outside of the martial arts school. Inclusion on the demo team is by instructor invitation only.

Tournament Team (BBC or Black Belt Level):
The Black Belt Club USA Tournament Team competes against other martial arts schools in the sparring and/or poomsae (form) events. Inclusion on the tournament team is by instructor invitation only.

Leadership Program (Black Belt Level and Demo):
This class is designed for students who are interested in becoming martial art instructors. Inclusion into the leadership program is by instructor invitation only.

Special Events, Birthday Parties, Summer Camps:
In addition to offering regularly scheduled martial arts classes, Black Belt Club USA also hosts summer camps, martial arts birthday parties and organizes special events for students and their family members. Special events may include bring a friend to class for free, holiday parties (Halloween and Christmas), parents-night-out, and family activities such as bowling, fishing, picnics, etc. Parents and students alike love all of our activities! Black Belt Club USA encourages everyone to get involved. 


Contact Information.

Black Belt USA - San Diego
7510 Mesa College Drive
San Diego, CA 92111
Ph: 858-496-0091


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